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Welcome to Just Motivate Me . Com!   

In this day and age of Instant Coffee, Instant Tea and Gotta Have it NOW, this site is designed for the person who says, "Just Motivate Me!!!!!"

Just Motivate Me.com is all about your life.  Many times we ask ourselves why we are where we are today.  The answer is—because that’s where you have chosen to be.  I know you just said—”BULL !—I didn’t choose this lifestyle.”  I know because I said the same thing over 20 years ago.  But the reality is, you are where you are in life today based on the choices you made all throughout you life.  And most of the time we allowed other peoples decisions to affect us positively and negatively.   Isn’t it time you took control of your life—after all, -

Whose life is it anyway?

This website addresses these issues

 How to feel better about life, yourself and others

Set Goals and achieve them

Learn Leadership Principles

What motivates others?

Learn to control your emotions

Relationships with people


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